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Time to celebrate the unapologetic YOU!







These are the words that have echoed in the empowering journey of my boudoir over the years. Being a woman in 2024 demands a generous dose of all these qualities in your personal arsenal.

Amidst the relentless ads dictating what a woman "should" be and echoes from the past trying to define what you're not, it's a journey.

My personal journey has been a substantial one, more than it ever should have been. While I'm not yet where I aspire to be as a woman (and no, I'm not referring to physical goals—though we all have those in mind, don't we?), part of embracing boldness, daring, and courage is acknowledging and making strides forward.

This space, my boudoir, isn't about airbrushing women into the ideals of magazines. It's a celebration of women in their unfiltered glory, lifting them up without reservation.

One of the most common reactions from my boudoir clients when they receive their galleries is, "IS THAT REALLY ME?". Witnessing oneself in a new light is an unparalleled experience. I can vouch for that because it's my reaction when I receive my own galleries.

Wanderlust Word for 2024: Empolden.


  1. Give someone the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way.

  2. Cause a piece of text to appear in a bold typeface.

  3. "To fill with courage or strength of purpose." Empolden implies providing courage sufficient to overcome timidity or reluctance.

So, 2024, brace yourself. We're making it the year to grow as women, drown out the fractured societal views, and silence the echoes of the past.

The #EmboldenChallenge begins now. Are you ready to embrace your bold, authentic self?

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